eneloop pro batteries

The eneloop pro rechargeable battery is extremely well-suited to devices with high power consumption such as cameras, flashes, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, computer games, household devices, radios and much more. eneloop batteries come fully charged when you buy them and, furthermore, the eneloop pro battery recharges extra quickly.

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The great advantage of eneloop batteries is that they come fully charged when you buy them and that in addition they are charged using solar energy. These factors play a role in the eventual aim of eneloop: a sustainable lifestyle. eneloop pro is essential in professional environments. With this type of battery, not only can you work for longer, but you can work faster too. The lifespan of the eneloop pro is greater than a standard alkaline battery and, furthermore, it charges more quickly than other comparable rechargeable batteries.

Our batteries can be charged up to 500 times and they still retain 85% of their original power after 1 year. Furthermore, the power of an eneloop pro battery is stable which means that when you use it in cameras, you can use the flash very rapidly. With this type of battery, you can use the flash up to 800 times consecutively.

The most important feature of eneloop pro batteries is that they lose their charge slowly. Furthermore, the batteries continue to work well when kept at extremely low temperatures, as low as -20° Celsius.

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Do not worry anymore about the sustainability of your batteries and work together with us on the environment. Discover all of the advantages of the eneloop pro battery and find details of all distributors on our website.