The green adventure starts on 23 June 2017

5 two person teams battle to join the eneloop expedition 2100. On June 23rd 3 of the 5 teams start their adventure for 120 days by walking through Europe following 3 different routes of 2100 kilometres in total. Along the way they will have to complete 40 tasks to have the chance to win the donation of 21 000 euros for a good cause.

The 3 teams

  • Team Yellow

Adventurers Romas Usavicius and Simona Vidunaite from Lithuania are Team Yellow and will start the expedition in the United Kingdom. Their charity Čepkeliai-Dzūkija PAN park lies closest to their hearts. With this expedition they want to spread the message that there is only one planet earth. They believe in a sustainable future in which everyone has a mission. Eneloop expedition 2100 is theirs.

  • Team Red

Team Red consists of Michał Chowaniec and Paweł Kalisz who support Amnesty International as good cause. They are of the opinion that people will become the best version of themselves by protecting everyone's basic rights. Their adventure starts in Poland. Helping others and walking in natural wonder is for these men the perfect way to spend their days.

  • Team Purple

Anders Toft Braun and Kasper Toft Braun are two brothers from Denmark who represent Team Purple. Their country is characterized by the massive production in wind energy so they already know how to take care for the environment. Sorex is the environmentally friendly charity they chose. The eneloop expedition 2100 will start for these two in their homecountry.

Get to know the teams and read our blogpost about them. 

The start

3 two person teams start in a different country (England, Poland, Denmark) on foot the adventure with a small ecological footprint.

The adventure

The 3 teams will have to earn as much points as possible. The points can be earned along the way by completing 40 tasks. They can get help from fans at home. Daily photos and updates will be posted on the Facebook pages. The teams are provided with weekly pocket money and eneloop batteries to use for trading.

The purpose

Reach the finish line in Milan (on foot) on 20 October 2017 with the most points.

The prize

Each team chooses an environmentally friendly organisation to raise money for. eneloop will reward the winning team's green organisation with 21 000 euros and donate 2100 euros to the charities from the two other teams. Each finishing team will receive a set of equipment and other prizes.

You can find more info on the website of the eneloop expedition 2100 or on the Instagrampage of eneloop expedition 2100.