How many volts are in an eneloop battery?

AA eneloop battery is 1.2V
AAA eneloop battery is 1.2V

What is the typical mAh rating of the eneloop AA battery?

AA eneloop battery is 1900 mAh.
AAA eneloop battery is 750 mAh

How long does the eneloop battery last if I use them on a regular basis?

One eneloop battery may be charged, and re-charged up to 2100* times. Usage will vary depending on what type of device eneloop is used in.
*Panasonic internal testing IEC61951-2( Actual results may vary according to use.

How long will the eneloop battery last if I do not use it?

An eneloop battery may remain up to 70% charged if not used for up to 10 years (eneloop), 85% charged after 1 year (Pro) or 70% after 5 years (Lite).
*Panasonic internal IEC61951-2(7.3.2). Actual results may vary according to use.

Do eneloop batteries fall under the airline travel guidelines for lithium batteries?

No. The chemistry that eneloop batteries use is Nickel Metal Hydride. eneloop batteries are not lithium and therefore do not fall under the travel regulations for lithium batteries. For more information on travelling with lithium batteries, please go to

Does temperature have an effect on their performance?

Yes, temperature does have an effect on eneloop's performance. If it is too hot, the high temperature could cause the battery to discharge at a more rapid rate. On the other hand, eneloop works better than alkaline, and other rechargeable batteries in freezing temperatures!

Why aren’t there any eneloops in the formats C and D available?

As roughly 85% of all disposable batteries sold are either AA or AAA size, eneloop concentrates on these two sizes. Alternatively we offer for C- and D-sizes simple but smart plastic adaptors, which transform an AA-size eneloop into a C- or D-size battery.

What is the number of charge/discharge cycles I can expect from the eneloop battery?

The new eneloop may be charged up to 2100 times*.
*Panasonic internal testing IEC61951-2( Actual results may vary according to use.

Can dropping the battery cause damage to it?


What does mAh stand for?

The (mA) stands for milliamps. The (h) stands for hour. This rating is in regards to the life of the battery, similar to the gas tank in your car.

What does the terminology "memory effect" specify?

Memory Effect is a term used to describe the effects on the overall life of the battery when it goes through charge and discharge cycles. The eneloop battery does not experience the effects of "memory effect".

Should I store my batteries charged or uncharged?

If stored with charge, it is possible that when you return to use the battery there may still be some charge left in the battery, therefore it will enable you to use it right then and there. Also, by keeping some charge in the battery, it will require you to "cycle" the battery fewer times until it reaches its peak charge. If you store them with no charge, you will have to "cycle" the battery multiple times until it reaches its peak charge.

Will the eneloop battery work with Nintendo Wii remotes?

Yes, the eneloop battery does work with the Nintendo Wii remotes. In fact they are a perfect fit for one another. They also work with any other type of remote that requires an AA or AAA battery.

Where is the best place to store my eneloops? Does the storage-temperature matter? Can they be stored in a freezer?

The best place to store any battery, rechargeable or not, is in a dry cool place, such as a drawer, under your bed or in a closet. Keep them away from the possibility of coming in contact with extreme heat. It is recommended to store them at or around 24 degrees Celsius. It is not recommended to store them in a freezer, as it is best to keep such materials away from food products.

I would like to use eneloops for my DECT phone. Do eneloops generally qualify for the use in DECT phones?

eneloops do qualify very well for the use in DECT phones though it is always recommendable to check with the manual of your phone. eneloop lite batteries are best suited for the use in DECT phones, as they are specially made for low power devices.

What means the embossed code on the eneloop?

The code refers to the production date and the production line. 
The first two numbers indicate the year of production, the 3rd and the 4th number indicate the month of production and the last two numbers / letters indicate the production line (internal information).